Thursday, May 26, 2011

a dot that went for a walk,

Here I am trying something different from the others who tried this. A video presentation on what the Paul Klee quote means to me, along with a satire on inspirational videos, on how Klee's quote can be taken to mean that we are all simply dots at one point in time.The general theme is impermanence, and progression through time.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Backpackers guide to London:

An interective guide for iphone/tablet to guide backpackers through central London.

The details should be user-editable, including guides for: Supermarkets, pubs, clubs, accomodation, public transport, public toilets, employment agencies, wifi hotspots, internet cafes, shopping, and tourist sites

Each individual site of interest should be critiqued, either by the editors, or by the users themselves.

Supermarket reviews will contain such data as the hours when certain kinds of produce gets discounted in certain supermarkets, product reviews for home brand items, and things like weekly specials.

Reviews for pubs will include opening and closing times, genre, price, target demographics etc

Accomodation reviews will include photographs, critiques, prices, location, what is included, etc

Public transport guides will link to all other guides with a simple click, which will toggle straight between local street map and the Beck underground map, with guides as to walking distance between locations and public transport.

London is a city with mostly pay toilets. The application will provide a guide as to where the cleanest and least expensive toilets are.

Employment agencies: Different specialities will be listed, along with reviews and guidelines on what kind of people they are interested in hiring.

Wifi Hotspots: Guides to strength, cost, security, comfort

Internet cafes: Guides to expense, speed, security, comfort and location

Detailed guides to shopping locations and tourist sites updated by users

Note on the influences for this project:

I was trying to keep the whole feel of the influences consistant, but I felt that the map for the pocket a-z should be included, because it is something, while almost indecipherable to the novice, is something that every Londoner who has been there for any length of time should get familiar with. Other influences like the Beck map, Johnston font, phone box and Earls Court, should be followed much more, they all have that similar feel which would work well in this instance, and everything kind of fits in with the same theme, strong vertical lines, circles, crowns, the queens head, use of solid primary colors, all that kind of thing.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

social conscience: Rethink energy.

This campaign is about rethinking how we use oil and other kinds of energy. It is one simple image: A fuel pump out at sea surrounded by an oil slick, with the slogan, the sea is not full of oil. Font choice was deliberate, helvetica being used by certain oil companies, and is the most widely used font. Not attention grabbing, just there.

The campaign has three implications:

*The sea is not full of oil... yet, but if we continue drilling, it will be
*We are running out of alternative sources of oil, and the reserves we have out at sea is not infinite
*the Oil companies will lie about oil spills and say there is no oil in the sea when there is a LOT of oil in the sea

I chose not to explain too much, in order to get people thinking about oil and how finite it is, and how much pollution it causes. The double meaning is supposed to provoke discussion.

Hans- the tv series opening titles- storyboard excercise.

The shot starts off with an image representing the Emperors New Clothes. I put this right at the start in order to grab attention right from the outset, and then the camera tracks over his shoulder, to the top of the grandstand, where a long stack of mattresses lies. This climbs up into the sky, the camera following it up, and then the mattresses blur and turn into a really long matchbook, and we travel along that kind of like a roadway, panning left and right to see different views of different fairy tales. This roadway morphs into an actual roadway with scenes from fairy tales on it, and we get to a bridge, blocked by a mirror, and we shatter through this mirror and get to the final title: Hans, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen.

This is supposed to be dreamlike, also inspired by his travelogues that he used to write, the whole thing is supposed to evoke a blurring of fantasy and reality.

CD cover

This CD cover which I managed to rescue from one of my thumdrives after my main computer crashed, is supposed to be for a psychadelic punk/new wave band called Self Titled. Most of the adjustments I made to the images were to the colors, some cropping here and there, some cleaning up of certain elements,and I ended up spending a lot of time on the masking of the head. Aso, the color of the hair had to be changed a bit, and the head(which had been photographed through a window) had some artifacts from the glass reflection that had to be removed. This is laid out as the CD cover would be printed, the left hand side being the back cover, the right hand side being the front cover, the spine would be along the middle. I designed it to be viewed both as a whole and as any of its three parts alone, the background image not quite being identifiable as it is unless it is viewed in full, but still conveying a dark and weird feeling.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

fructiv excercise.

This excertise was basically taking a very ordinary looking product shot and making it look glamorous, like a real advertisement. Most of the techniques were not new to me, apart from using paths to do brush strokes, and using the brush meus like the scatter menu.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Return of the dancing idiot

Here I have learned how to, in Motion, use filters and image masks, as well as working out how to change filters during a clip (by simply ending that filter and replacing it, the problem with doing that is that you can't transition between those filters, well I don't know how to yet.